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Madden NFL 24 - Rules

What to Do Onsite

  • Before your Activity starts, Check In at Registration.
  • Go to Your Zone to Check In for the Activity:
    • You will be playing in the Field-Zone for this Tournament.
    • Once you find the Tournament Official for your Event they will guide you through the next steps
    • Quest Givers and Tournament Officials will be there to direct you.

General Tournament Rules

  • Played on Playstation 4
  • Recommended to bring your own controller, not required.
  • Random player seeding
  • Double Elimination with Best of 1 Rounds


  • Dictated by Play A Friend and cannot be changed.
  • Team Selection in Each Phase of an Event
    Team selection will be handled by the current NFL teams. Competitors will select their teams prior to the game.
  • Restricted Items List As of August 1, 2023, there are no restricted items

Additional Gameplay Rules

  • Onside Kicks: Onside kicks are not allowed in the first half. A competitor may attempt an onside kick during the second half when they have fewer total points than their opponent.
  • Excessive Offsides: Neither the offense or defense should purposefully go offsides with the intent of delaying the game nor exhibiting unsportsmanlike conduct. Intent is at the sole discretion of the tournament administration.
  • Improper Audibles: Competitors may not audible out of the QB Kneel, Wildcat, Field Goal, or Punt formations.

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