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Premier Weekly Updates | Fall 21, Week 3

Unified 10/16/2021

OCT. 16TH, 2021   |   WEEK 3 UPDATES


Welcome back for more weekly Unified Premier updates! This week, we saw the return of Unified’s Rainbow Six Siege league, and the games got off to an explosive (and surprising) start! 


All divisions of League of Legends continue to clash on Summoner’s Rift and this week’s Premier games saw some decisive wins. Valorant UPL was full of upsets, including a surprise rematch from the Summer season. The Community division of Rocket League continues its October challenge, with another $600 free tournament taking place in November. Read more below!

No “third round” for any of this week’s matches in League of Legends UPL -- all of our games were a solid 2-0 for our victors. As we wrap up our third week of Premier, there are five times worthy of shoutout as remaining undefeated:


AOE Not Zoos - Cloud Division

University of St. Thomas - Infernal Division

Illinois State University - Infernal Division

Maryville - Mountain Division

AOE Cope - Ocean Division


Congratulations to these teams, and good luck in the coming weeks! Who will hold onto their “undefeated title” as the next rounds on and off-stream kick off?


This past week, Thursday’s AOE Dream vs Grand View University was a win for Grand View - an “upset” according to analysts after their high expectations for AOE Dream’s roster lead to another disappointing lose on stream. They’ll really need to turn it around this week to have a chance at a strong comeback. We’re excited to see how this team continues to develop!


On Friday, we caught University of St. Thomas vs Dare White on stream and saw the continued collegiate-themed dominance from University of St. Thomas. Their team has only dropped a single game -- zero matches -- all season. This is one scary team to keep an eye on, heading into playoffs.



This week in Valorant was the week of UPSETS--doubly so! In our streamed match of the week, Converse University vs Winthrop Esports, we saw the Eagles take down defending champions Converse in a solid (and surprising) 2-0! The first game was a nailbiter with an incredibly close score of 13-11; Flare024 scored an ACE to close out the series for their team! The second game we saw Winthrop DOMINATE Converse in a crushing 13-1 win. The defending champs have fallen!


Off stream, the action was just as intense. OC Esports and UC Davis faced off in a “rematch” after last clashing in the UPL Summer season earlier this year (of which UCD was the victor.) This time around, we were privileged to another upset as OCE came back and took the win 2-1. Not only is this an upset from an analyst perspective, but it’s a great sign of growth for the team. They had consistently shown solid performances and great technical skill, but had previously struggled to close out games. This will be another great team to keep an eye on as we inch closer to playoffs!


Fall Unified Premier League has finally kicked off the Rainbow Six Siege season, and we’re incredibly excited to see all the talent from both new and returning faces alike. 


This week’s matches featured Aura vs Coastal, with Coastal taking a decisive and brutal 7-1 win. NeVe vs Windstorm was a fantastic opening week game, as the previously unknown team NeVe was predicted to receive a thorough stomping from Windstorm’s more recognizable lineup. However, NeVe forced the game to overtime and in the FINAL SECONDS of the 7-7 OT, Windstorm’s player Misio had to clutch a 1-vs-3 in the literal final seconds of Round 15 to secure the 8-7 win for their team. Both teams should be proud of their performance, and our desk is eager to keep an eye on these players moving forward.


On a final note, the Unified Premier family extends our condolences to the R6S community in light of KiXSTAr’s passing. Our Wednesday game was rescheduled in solidarity with the friends, family, and fellow R6S players who were impacted by this devastating news. Our thoughts are with his family, and we look forward to returning to our standard schedule next week.

And to conclude this week’s updates, we’d like to once again wish luck to those participating in October’s Community League! There’s a $600 prize pool on the line this month, and we’re pleased to announce another $600 will be up for grabs in NOVEMBER’S Community League -- registration is open now, so jump in and save your FREE spot for this monthly leaderboard showdown!


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Reminder that we will not host our monthly league in December due to the holidays, so make sure to get your final 2021 tournaments in next month! Registration closes November 3rd.

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