Esports Conference Doubles Schools for ‘23-24 Season

Ramsey Jamoul, Founder & CEO 9/13/2023

For the 2023-2024 season, the Midwest Esports Conference (MEC) will see universities take the stage across four titles with a total of 30 teams and 141 students competing.

The MEC welcomes new and old teams for this year’s season:


  • Drury University
  • GrandView University
  • Illinois College
  • Ottawa University
  • Briar Cliff University
  • Purdue Northwest University
  • Ohio Northern University
  • Cornell College
  • Cleveland State University
  • Simpson College
  • Clarke University
  • Ashland University
  • Campbellsville University
  • Miami University
  • Benedictine University
  • Southwest Baptist University

Midwest Esports Conference
The MEC is more than a conference; it's a nexus of camaraderie, growth, and education.

Through a diverse range of competition, broadcast, stage experience, and interviews, participants gain profound insights into the multifaceted world of esports. They have the opportunity to share their unique narratives and learn from peers, solidifying their place within this rapidly evolving industry.

What is The Midwest Esports Conference?
In essence, the MEC heightens the student-athlete experience, shaping them into well-rounded professionals poised for success in the real world. Unified’s iconic gaming events provide them strong values, competition and recognition.

"Our program is absolutely thrilled to be joining the prestigious Midwest Esports Conference for this upcoming season," said director of esports PJ Farrell. This marks a significant milestone for the Cleveland State University program. We believe the conference will present a unique challenge for our teams as we enter our second season of competition."

Farrell continued, "As we enter the MEC, we do so with great enthusiasm and determination across multiple game titles, including League of Legends, Valorant, Smash Ultimate, and Rocket League. The MEC will give our teams formidable opponents that will allow them to showcase their immense talent and dedication to the program. We look forward to the season ahead and are eagerly anticipating the competition that we will face."

Unified’s goal is to shape communities with these Iconic Gaming Events and partner alongside the member schools to create a particular class of programs that elevate the ecosystem, history of strong esports leadership and vision for the future of collegiate competitions.

Troy Chiefari, Director of Esports at Ohio Northern University has this to say, “Excited to start another year with the MEC and double excited that there's more games added to the mix this year. Our Valorant team loved playing the side tournaments while our League team played in the MEC so they're ready to be on the main stage now. All the newcomers are really going to enjoy the culture and atmosphere we've built in the conference :)”

Partnered with Riot Scholastic Association of America, the Midwest Esports Conference is the first traveling conference in esports that offers a pipeline to national opportunities. With the exceptional support of groups like AVDG, the conference supplies lodging, broadcast and four annual onsite events for members and their communities.

“Developing an esports program can be one of the most difficult yet fulfilling adventures. Our directors and coaches have shown leadership, dedication, creativity, professionalism and wisdom beyond measure. Our communities have yet to feel the full weight of their accomplishments. This year you’ll get a glimpse of it in the MEC players' stories, competitions and outcomes,” MEC Commissioner, CEO & Founder at Unified

MEC Last Season
In the 2021-2022 Season MEC hosted eight universities in League of Legends across the Midwest. Grand View University, the champion, and Ottawa University, runner-up, both went on to play in the nationals as part of the College League of Legends Championship.

Hosting 100s of students across the midwest in person and 1,000s of fans, the Midwest Esports Conference events bring an old sports-style to a new game. Now, in its fifth year, the MEC looks to create a sustainable solution to collegiate esports through traditional sporting event models.