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Officially Announcing Summer’s Second Circuit Qualifier!

Unified 6/9/2022

Teams are once again invited to apply for their chance to compete in the LCS Proving Grounds main event this Summer. Unified is proud to partner with Riot Games to bring you another Circuit Qualifier, with matches set to take place this July 11th-August 2nd.


This time, we’re pleased to announce the addition of our Amateur Selection Committee (ASC) to seed and identify participating teams. We wanted to remain transparent in our selection process, while offering exceptional teams a chance to earn entry through careful committee review to better serve the NA amateur scene as a whole.


“While the first 24 teams will be selected during the application process based on their cumulative Solo Queue player rankings, the ASC will determine the final 8 teams that fill out the 32-team PGCQ field. The ASC will also discuss and seed each selected team using confidential ballots that will be made public once the seeding process is complete. 


We believe these changes will give teams more agency in their qualification process, and create a more transparent seeding process for our community.” 


Aspiring teams looking for a chance to prove themselves in League of Legends are encouraged to apply directly through the form below, and they may reach out directly to Unified staff members on Discord or via email with any questions regarding the upcoming split. Applications will be considered if submitted by June 22nd. 


Individuals who may be interested in a position on the Amateur Selection Committee should also apply below before the June 15th deadline.




Click here to access the Amateur Selection Committee application, or click here to access the PGCQ #2 open qualifier team application.

Plus, don’t miss out on the final matches of our first Summer Circuit Qualifier! Games run Mondays & Tuesdays starting at 3:00PM PT through June 21st, where our final teams will clash for $12,500 and their share of qualifier points. See who makes it to the Grand Finals by tuning in to and