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Live Event FAQ

Unified 3/22/2021

Thank you for your interest in attending an upcoming Unified esports event! Looking for more information about what to expect or bring? Read below for some commonly asked questions, or reach out to us directly on Discord or through email ( if you have any additional asks!

What is the difference between the different levels of admission? 


How do we purchase admission tickets?


How do we register or check in at the event?


What am I supposed to bring, and what equipment does your company provide?


Am I allowed to use a controller for PC games like Rocket League or Halo, and do I have to bring my own controller?


How do I sign up to compete in a tournament? 


Where can I see a list of all the tournaments being offered at an event? 


What rules are being used for your tournaments? 


Do you have to sign up as a team for multiplayer titles, or can I sign up as a free agent? 


How can I stay up to date with Unified online and on-site events?