Unified Collegiate Esports Association

The Unified Collegiate Esports Association is an association for high-level esports programs. Our primary focus is the students. That means no joining fees because we want you to be able to give your students as many resources as you can. We seek to provide not only high level competition, but also great assets to make sure the students stand out. Production and live events surrounding the competitions will help us create those lifelong memories that every student deserves. It is also important to us to showcase the broadcasting talent many institutions are creating, so we have created systems to emphasize these capabilities. It is not our intention to govern or create guidelines for institutions as a whole, as we simply want to provide a place for students and staff to get the recognition they deserve.

In order to create and maintain high level competition, all institutions are required to have an unpaid or paid staff member at the helm of the esports program to be considered. They must be a post-secondary institution in the United States or Canada. Competitions will have strict forfeit rules and procedures, and participation percentages are shown on directory listings in the form of a reputability score. Quality is top of mind for our tournaments in order to create an environment that can be trusted.

Our vision is to expand deeper into competition as our association grows, with publisher support at the center. The association is guided by the Advisory Council, a group made up of your peers. To us, it is vital that all of your voices are heard and you have as many opportunities as possible to grow the collegiate esports space.

Simply put, let's unify collegiate esports together.

Our Advisory Board

Aaron Shockley
Central Methodist University
Adam Antor
Aquinas College
Chris Haskell
Boise State University
Connor Alne
Ottawa University
Jay Prescott
Karen Ruggles
DeSales University
Kevin Reape
University of Missouri
Kurt Melcher
Michelle Compton-Muñoz
University of Kansas
Sari Kitelyn
Full Sail University
Shaun Byrne
St. Clair College
Stephanie Lott
Arkansas State University

Our Team

Victoria Horsley
UCEA President
Jaxon Qualley
Director of Tournaments
Matthew Thompson
Marketing Specialist
Summer Jibril
Tournament Organizer