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Quest #1: Double Dash Derby

Fri, March 31, 2:00 PM | Apache Hotel Event Center - Lawton, OK

Time: Set your own schedule! Complete this challenge anytime between 10AM-5PM

"Grab a GameCube controller and watch out for flying shells! This quest will have attendees taking part in a multiplayer race in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Earn a ticket for completing the course, or earn an extra ticket for taking first place."

Everyone who participates in the challenge will receive a minimum of one (1) prize ticket for completing the objective each day. If you play with a non-CPU opponent, the winner(s) will receive a BONUS prize ticket upon quest completion! This activity is available for any attendees holding an Adventurer's Pass, Champion's Pass, or VIP Pass; quests run all weekend long!

Quests run all weekend long! Players may visit each zone on their own schedule to complete these quick challenges.

ALL IN Esports Expo

Mar 31 - Apr 1, 2023

Apache Hotel Event Center

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